Case 13, e.max veneers 7-10

Dental Lab, e.max veneers

Pre-op photos of the patient’s teeth before whitening and with composite patches to cover discolored enamel and dentin.

Dental Lab, e.max veneers Tooth preparation and soft tissue retraction.  Recording the stump shade allows the porcelain technician to mask the underlying dentin as needed.  The doctor did some minor contouring of the free gingival margins with a soft tissue laser to even out the discrepancy from number 8 to the other teeth and from 8 and 9 to the laterals.  Though the free gingival margins of 7 and 10 are higher than 8 and 9, it is more harmonious than the pre-op position.

Dental Lab

The final photo of the patient after whitening and insertion of veneers from 7-10.  Shoji achieved a beautiful surface texture for these veneers.

Dental Lab, e.max veneers